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Huzzah! (fruits, roots, hearts.)

Thanks to those of you who helped spread the fire and raise funds, we were able to raise nearly $500 to go toward planting trees with Sound Forest and helping provide relief to victims of disasters with American Red Cross

That means that we will be able to plant 125 trees and aid over
100 hearts in need!  Guys, this is more than we could've ever hoped for!  You are phenomenal.  

We'll be documenting the Nashville tree-planting, so ping me here if you'd like to come out and plant with us! 

Thanks for all your support!

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 4.33.44 PM.png

We Did It.

We're still tallying up the results from this amazing campaign, but I can tell you, the proceeds will make an incredible difference in victims' lives and in the environment - pumped to give to the cause.

HUGE thanks to any of you who took part in any small way.  We've received an overwhelming response!! 

In fact, we've decided to keep out Etsy Shop OPEN until these fire victim records run out!  So you can STILL make a difference, if you haven't gotten the chance! 

We've only got a few hand-painted albums left.  Grab on at:

From Ashes // November 2013


 //  #FROMASHES2013    
Hashtag your own, and watch it pop up here. You'll be entered to win a free download of the new single, 'Break'!


I'm honored to team up with the American Red Cross and Nashville's own SoundForest to donate 70% of all November record sales to  sponsor relief to fire victims and a forest sanctuary to rebuild from the flood of 2010.

31 Fields EP's were caught in the fire. These records are special to me - they're the inspiration behind it all!  Click the pictures to buy one on Etsy. ($20 each. Includes download card of Fields + Forests + unreleased bonus tracks.)

All other records are available at the Shop or digitally through iTunes and Bandcamp (Bandcamp will yield a more immediate and wholesome donation). 

Click here to peruse the Shop.

Click here to peruse the Shop.


1 tree = $2, so every dollar counts!  These donations will be split equally between the two non-profits.