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Friends! I'm so excited to share my new song "You" with you! I started writing it for my love the night we met...well, there's a little more to it than that.

Check it out HERE!

I want to tell you the story behind this song because it's so dear to my soul.

My first love was music, and I often wondered if there would be room for another person. Deep down, I always longed for a partner in life, but questioned how it would work - how these two dreams would fit together.

It just so happens that my music would eventually bring me to my husband.


Chris was invited by a friend to come out to my show at the Basement in Nashville, and once I got off the stage, he offered to buy me a drink. I wrote him off that night, but there was something about him that struck me. I always tell him he left a kind of delayed effect.

Hours later, I wrote the chorus of this song:


A few months later, we started dating. He came on the road with me and carried my keyboard to all my shows. We skydived together (something I did only to impress him), jumped off cliffs (another thing I did only to impress him), laughed constantly and got lost in conversation. I literally remember lying in bed smiling, not being able to fall asleep because I was so happy.


He was from Michigan, grew up in Ohio. I was from Louisiana, grew up in Alabama. I loved the notion that we "met in the middle" Tennessee.


The first picture we ever took together - at a Notre Dame football game. He's a huge fan, and I'm part-Irish!

The first picture we ever took together - at a Notre Dame football game. He's a huge fan, and I'm part-Irish!

Chris was a gentleman too, and yet he wasn't cheesy or demeaning about it. He was always asking if I needed anything (usually a drink, and usually I did). He always walked me to my door. In a masculine, strong manner, he was so attentive to me. Still is.


There was an ease about him I couldn't explain. A certain familiarity. And despite the imperfections we had, I always had peace when it came to him. I never questioned whether things would work out. Somehow, I had a deep assurance that this was the love of my life.

But love was work, and we knew it. It meant commitment and struggle. Chris had a friend once ask him if I was a fighter. "Is she someone who will stand in the trenches of life and fight with with you?" he asked.

We've been fighting ever since, and last May, we made the leap!


To my loving husband, my best friend. I love you more than words, actions or songs can express, so I'll spend my life trying. I'll never stop fighting and persevering for you. 


Thanks for letting me share our little story with you. I hope you enjoy this sweet tune!

Happy 75th Bday Paul Simon!

A Tribute to Benefit Nashville's Own Musicians Corner 

I had the great privilege of singing among Nashville's finest at the Nashville City Winery last Monday at a Paul Simon Tribute benefitting Musicians Corner. The show was led by my talented friend Scott Mulvahill, bassist and songwriter, and he was kind enough to have me lead "Slip Sliding Away" and "Homeless." 

Back in June my husband Chris and I watched Scott head up a Paul Simon Tribute at the Basement East, and along with the audience, we bursted into uninhibited sing-a-longs in eager anticipation of each Simon hit led by an outstanding artist. 

Now I could feel it again - that same familiar congenial spirit in the air among us, although this time I was on the stage with a killer backing band including my dear friends Chris Benelli and Jesse Isley among others. But before the first note was played, I felt the contagious excitement you can only get when you ride shotgun on the musical journey of one of the greats. 

The energy was present before friendly smiles and greetings, before fresh interpretations of colorful lyrics and before all 30+ singers gathered in the green room to run through "Homeless," the song that would close this epic night of music.  To see videos, visit Andrew Peterson's Instagram.

For the better part of a month I was steeped in Simon's catalog, diving into poetic lyrics and notably peculiar ones like "rollie pollie little bat-faced girl" and "keep it in your pantry with your cupcakes" and "I'm looking at ghosts and empties."

"Slip Sliding Away" was no exception to my wonder and exploration. A story from childhood, I savored rediscovering it. Being re-introduced to the characters in the verses: the consumed martyr, the lost wife, the distant father. The age-old reminder that life happens while we're making other plans: 

"God only knows, God makes His plan.
The information's unavailable to the mortal man.
We're working our jobs, collect our pay.
Believe we're gliding down the highway
When in fact we're slip sliding away."

I think in my generation especially, there is a danger in missing out on the good stuff because we're distracted by our own glorious ideas of what could or should be. The good stuff is the stuff of everyday life: little interactions with strangers, preparing a savory meal, sharing struggles with those who matter most to us.

I'm a believer in looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary and when I do this, I'm baffled by how much quiet goodness I overlook.

It was a gift to be reminded of these things, and I was humbled to lead such a profound song.

I'm used to singing from behind my cozy piano nest, so I have a newfound respect for singers who don't hold (or in my case cling to) an instrument. Empty-handed performances - and karaoke - are both foreign and challenging to me. 

But I do love trying to enhance the beauty of others in the spotlight, and I had the honor of singing BGV's for:

When we weren't onstage, we were watching from the sidelines as Jason Eskridge made my sister cry (really) with "Bridge Over Troubled Water", The Stellas rocked "The Obvious Child," Andrew Peterson and his daughter Sky hushed the crowd with "Homeward Bound" and Jon McLaughlin, Tony Lucca, Emerson Hart and Matthew Perryman Jones all had us in the palms of their hands with solo performances of songs like "Sound of Silence" and my personal favorite "America."

Working behind the scenes with these musicians gave me a birds eye view I couldn't get from the front row. Witnessing the way everyone performed and interacted with players on stage and off brought to light their professionalism and mutual love for authentic music as a whole experience. More than just solo performances in front of an audience, it was a collaborative participation in something beyond just ourselves.

That's what music does. It connects people. Across cultures, it is a rare love language of the human person.

I know Musicians Corner fosters community around great music, and I couldn't be more proud to be a part of what they do. We truly do live in Music City, and this night was a perfect reflection of the talent and community we all share.

Thank you Scott and all the artists for having me on stage, thank you Paul for the endless inspiration and thank you Musicians Corner for bringing this night into fruition. One for the books!

Live AudioTree Session

Rebecca Debuts Her New Song "Lynda Mae" in a Live AudioTree session! 

a note from Rebecca:

I arrived at the AudioTree studio in Chicago - just a stone's throw from Intelligencia Coffee - with my hands empty (don't worry, eventually I got coffee). I walked up a few flights of stairs and found a beautifully built-out studio centered around a regal Kawai grand piano. The film crew was still setting up, so the gracious staff let me play until my heart's content. Dark room, bright light, just me and the piano. In the session, I performed 6 songs intertwined with a lovely chat about my woeful attempts to make home-cooked meals and not kill plants. I also debuted a new song.

Watch individual tracks on YouTube here

Watch individual tracks on YouTube here

Watch the full session here

Watch the full session here

"Lynda Mae" is the musical love story of Richard and Lynda, two of the sweetest, loyal fans I could ask for. Supporting my recent LP "Sleepless Nights," Richard commissioned me to write a song for his bride Lynda. This I did.

Six or so months later, I flew to Cleveland and performed a surprise concert for her at the historic House of Blues, a memory I will treasure forever. Creating something special for someone as a gift is in itself a gift - a labor of love. It was my joy to debut the song here, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the process of its birth.

Thank you all for listening, sharing and supporting.



Hey party people! 

Three years ago, I wrote a song called "High Road" with Cage The Elephant's longtime guitarist and co-founder Lincoln Parish. The song came out so cool that it led to him producing the album!

Sleepless Nights is now (finally!) available on iTunes, my Record Shop and Spotify today! Time to get a little stream-happy, and if you like what you hear, I'd be honored for you buy the record! 

The theme of the album is the battle between fear and peace, one I think we all fight. It's about the questions we all face - who are we, and where are we headed? What do we really want?

Lincoln and I put a lot of emphasis on the vocal and on rhythm, so I think the songs are a load of fun, too. 

I hope you dig it as much as we do. Thanks for listening and for supporting art.


Be Part of The New Album!

“Sleepless Nights” is my 1ST FULL-LENGTH ALBUM, and with the help of folks like you, WE can bring it to life - through my Kickstarter!

Last year I signed a TV-film deal with Dualtone Records (a few songs made it onto TV-shows)! Through my last Kickstarter, YOU made this possible, people.

Even with this label partnership, I still need to fund my albums independently. Here’s where YOU come in. 

I Need You:

We’re already halfway through recording, but I really want this to be a collaborative effort between myself and all of you. I believe in these songs, and I believe in my calling to share them with you. YOU are the reason I do what I do, so I want YOU to be a part of it all! 

YOUR SUPPORT will fund the entire album: studio time, producer, engineer, players, digital editing, mixing, mastering, album artwork, replication and marketing!

You were going to buy the record anyway, right? Why not pre-purchase it here, get it before it’s released, AND get to be a part of the whole journey!?


It all starts at just 15 smacks. Not only will you receive the album, you can get cool stuff along the way the more you give! 

Plus, I want my music to have a lasting impact on peoples' lives, so included in the $150 tier is this bracelet I designed with Emily Howard of Consider the Wldflwrs in partnership with The Mocha Club. 20% of the proceeds for this tier will go to the education of hundreds of children in need overseas!


If we reach $30,000, WE'RE GOING VINYL! "Sleepless Nights" will be printed the old-fashioned way, and all backers will receive a signed copy! Let's spin the album on our vintage record players, drink red wine, sit back and soak in all the syrupy details of each song!


Lastly, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support. If you love music, believe in honest art, plant seeds and watch them grow, chase your dreams, then I want you to be a part of this project.




We teamed up with 92ZEW's Radio Avalon and some my favorite musicians to tape a live concert in the studio of Rick Hirsch! Thank you to my brilliant band: John Milham on drums, John Keuler on bass and BGVs, and Rick on guitar. These are top guys!

We also had a cameo appearance of Harrison McInnis singing on "Vacherie Girl"!

I want to thank the band, Rick Hirsch and Radio Avalon host Catt Sirten for their time, energy and talent on the session! Enjoy the Southern-flavored interpretation of these tunes!

Visit here to stream the songs!


New York makes me feel like a kid. All the magic of my favorite childhood movies comes to life, and suddenly I become Kevin McCallister - a wide-eyed child roaming aimlessly around in this huge city.

Somewhere in the hustle and bustle, I had the honor of chatting with Michael Feinstein, host of NPR Music's Song Travels. Before this took place, though, I nestled up in (SPOILER ALERT: my new favorite bagel shop in the world) Ess-a-Bagel to eat THIS toasty, delectable treat. Nom!!

Also leading up to NPR (and leading up to bagel sandwich-land), I had the great priveledge of writing with some astounding creatives like Mike Campbell, co-writer of "Say Something" (I'm Giving Up On You), world-renowned pianist and songwriter Nicky Holland, TV + film writer Nini Camps, and Mophonics Studios producer and composer Sanford Livingston.  Humbling much? Each day was radically different than the last, not unlike each bite of my perfect bagel sandwich.

I was also fortunate to play a couple shows while I was in town: the first at my new favorite Brooklyn spot The Living Room, where I saw so many old friends and fans, and the second show in Manhattan at a church gig where 5-600 folks gather to hear secular artists every month - pretty rad!!

Interspersed between the shows and writes was a slightly terrifying subway ride to the Bronx at night by myself, a visit to the MET, a stroll through the High Line and a sobering trip to Ground Zero. I got to see and taste so many different flavors of the city while I was there! If my #NYCtour was a bagel, it'd be an "everything" bagel with salt, garlic, onion and poppy seeds.

Finally, I walked to the Film Center Building in Manhattan for a 3-hour taping - which involved me chatting and performing live on a rosewood Steinway. I resisted urges to pinch myself knowing this was a man who worked with Ira Gershwin, but Mr. Michael Feinstein was honestly the sweetest guy, and we laughed a ton. I couldn't be more pumped to hear how the segment turns out - stay tuned for it's air date this fall!!

I want to first thank all my fans. Your support means everything. Special thanks to NPR's Laura Erskine, Cathy Bradberry, the engineers at the studio and Michael Feinstein. To Chris Czarka, Marian Prado and Tess Davidson. To Jill Pedone, Brooke Primont, Kevin Mahoney, David Stamm, all the writers, the Living Room, The CFR brothers, and all those who came out to the shows! You all made this tour possible and so memorable.

I found my way back home a lot like Kevin McCallister - full of adventure, fantastic memories, new friends and a thankful heart.

And a new-found affinity for bagel sandwiches.



I had an absolute blast on the Christmas Lights Tour, and thanks to YOU we sold over 1,000 copies and received over 200,000 Spotify streams!!  You guys are amazing.

Here's to the New Year's resolutions in music, life and love.  I'm back in the woodshed already - writing and polishing a fresh new batch of songs to release on a project in the summer / fall!  Stay tuned.  Pun intended.

Dualtone Records!

I signed my first label deal this month, and I'm so honored to be a part of the Dualtone family! 

signing a licensing and distribution deal with Dualtone Records.

Back in February, I released "What Love Looks Like" on Valentines Day.  CEO and Co-founder of Dualtone Records Scott Robinson happened to hear my song on Lightning 100 and told the team at the label to reach out to me.

The manager of A&R Will McDonald came out to my show that week and invited me to hang at the office with the president Paul Roper. I felt like I was catching up with old friends. Their philosophy on originality and our mutual love for authenticity in music had us bonding.

A couple months later, we were ready to sign a licensing and distribution deal. I know there's lots of work ahead, I'm humbled to have such an amazing team behind me, and I cannot wait to see what the partnership brings!

Thank you to ALL of the supporters who have been with me on this journey from the beginning. xoxo, RR.

The Making of "Christmas Lights"

Happy Holidays from Nashville!  Making a Christmas record in the summer is a little confusing psychologically for me.. I'm sweating. There are mosquitoes. I'm listening to Nat King Cole winter jams whilst sunbathing (SPF 85). 

But I'm super excited to finally record some of my favorite nostalgics like "Joy To The World" and to make them my own.  To take the classic songs we all know and love and to re-introduce them in a fresh, new way - to capture the actual meaning - to live in the space they were written. (We're also tracking some original holiday tunes I've written through the years!)

The record includes a co-write by myself and my long-time colleague Jake Etheridge as well as an ad-lib performance by Gospel singer Tammy Bullock!  We had an absolute blast, and we can't wait for you to hear it.

By "we," I mean producer Dan Fernandez of Nashville, TN, myself and some really great session guys in town. Dan is such a creative and talented guy.  He's worked with artists like Natalie Grant, Annie Lawrence, Great Peacock and others.

Sound Engineer David Brubaker, Producer Dan Fernandez, Cellist Scott Mulvahill.

But the coolest thing about being in the studio is the unexpected serendipitous things that happen.  While tracking "Silent Night," a thunderstorm rumbled it's way into the recording. Those are the magic moments, people - We kept the thunder rolls in the track!

Excited share these sweet songs with you this Christmas!  Get the album here!

Oh! And see all other #ChristmasLights news and happies hereStay tuned, and until Nov 18, spread the good cheer!  xoxo, RR

"Love Good Music" Artist

I'm honored to be April's featured artist at Love Good Music, a community of folks who believe good music can change the world.  Their patrons get a brand new album every month - an avenue for both music discovery and support!

We printed a limited edition album "The Old, The Young" just for Love Good Music!  Already, 700 patrons have received copies, and there are only 100 copies left! 

Available at Love Good Music's site ( and my Shop (


The album includes all the songs from both "Fields" and "Forests" EPs, the latest two singles "Break" and "What Love Looks Like", as well as an unreleased track called "Falliday". 

What Love Looks Like Is Here!

Happy Valentines Day!  I hope you guys are feeling so loved.  I couldn't be more pleased to share this song with you on such a festive occasion!  Take a peak on iTunes :)

album art photo by Melanie Little.

album art photo by Melanie Little.

I had a blast co-writing the song with Angela Lauer and Chris Gelbuda - and we wanted to capture universal love, rather than solely romantic love - whether it be asibling, parent, best friend, significant other, pet, coffee, little joys, a stranger, a soul-mate, a memory or a note from a friend. 

Hashtag your own photos of #whatlovelookslike and tag @rebeccaroubion for a chance to win a free download of the song!!!  Also, I'd LOVE if you'd consider sharing the song and this link

 Every little bit helps spread the love this Valentines Day!!  Enjoy #whatlovelookslike.