Rebecca Roubion

Singer-Songwriter and Recording Artist

"Rebecca is an original who writes with wit, passion and talent, and I admire her performing ability as well as her songs!" - Michael Feinstein, NPR Music

"Rebecca Roubion's voice is gorgeous and her recordings are scintillating and sunlit." - Craig Havighurst, Music City Roots

"Rebecca Roubion's music summons Alice's white rabbit: once it grabs your attention, you quickly find yourself in another place with no turning back." - Jon Karr, New York Minute Magazine

"There's a beautifully fresh voice on the Nashville music scene, and it belongs to Rebecca Roubion. It's time to be introduced to the sweet sounds of this emerging artist through her perfect blend of indie piano pop, with tastings of soul and folk that mark the start of a promising future for this independent Nashville artist." - John Tumminello, Musicians Corner

"Full of cinematic beauty." - Jon Dicus, Music City Unsigned 

"The four tracks on “Fields” span a gamut of emotion, not to mention Roubion’s assured vocal range." -  Lawrence Specker, Mobile Press Register

"Rebecca’s voice is undeniably enjoyable and unique, reminiscent of Norah Jones." - Focus on the 615 

It’s all about striking a balance.  Walking the line.  Coloring just outside the lines.  Creating beyond the confines, such that starkness and familiarity each give way to that poignant, addictive danger: unknown territory.

This is exactly where Nashville, TN-based songstress Rebecca Roubion has made her home, and she’s corrigibly inviting you in with all the confidence and longing of a siren at sea.  Once you’re lead through the gate into her garden of song, you’ll find yourself disarmed, smirking gaily or tapping your foot along in inexplicable accord - but that’s just the beginning.  You settle in to the surface of sophistication, and simplicity gives way to a delicate equilibrium. Whether it’s the carefully-crafted stories, the syrupy-sweet thickness of her voice, or the agility with which she delivers each line, you’re spellbound.  You’ll succumb, and you won’t even have a say in the matter.

Raised in the Heart of Dixie, the Mobile native is more than a pretty face with a song. With the help of fans, she has collectively raised over 35k, resulting in a duet of debut concept EPs, “Fields” (2012) and “Forests” (2013) as well as two singles and an upcoming LP.  Her single “Break”, was featured on 2014’s Nashville’s Indie Spotlight as well as Fox’s TV show “Bones”, among others. Her Valentine's Day single “What Love Looks Like” aired on the season finale of "Pretty Little Liars" in 2015, and she spent the last two years writing for her first-ever full-length album "Sleepless Nights", produced by Lincoln Parish and releasing May 6, 2016. 

A child of the bay, Roubion’s distinct creole roots are a product of her time spent in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.  Carol King and Eva Cassidy were anything but strangers growing up, and while she borrows from these soulful matriarchs of yore, there’s something fresh and enticing about her interpretation of folk-infused indie-pop.

At times a sleight, speckled songbird leading you through a dream you barely knew you were having; at others, Roubion is a barely-hinged crooner, desperate to share the truths she’s tried and tested in the trenches of life and love.  Each line is dispensed elementally like water, traversing the path of least resistance into your consciousness. Observing the featherweight in exposition is enchanting.  The piano bench creaks with expression as her fingers chase tastefully-chosen chords across ebony and ivory.  One might suppose she’s quelling spirits inside of the instrument, just as a mother sings a child to sleep.  The room becomes taut and still; the words, harmonies and melodies coalesce to create something far greater than the expected summation - and it’s surreal.

Eclectic but never esoteric, Roubion’s stylings surpass oblique metaphors and excessive embellishment.  Instead, she scatters breadcrumbs about her catalog with each musing, elegantly revealing pieces of herself with a grave understanding of pace.  Whether she’s coyly commanding affection to a sprightly, weightless tune or bearing her heart in a soaring, emphatic ballad, you’ll find haunting imagery and piano flourishes woven together like a fine, timeless tapestry.  Every composition is a child, born of Roubion’s oversized heart and raised by her hands and voice with nothing but the best of intentions.