Rebecca Roubion

Singer-Songwriter and Recording Artist

a letter from a fan.

I received this special note from a man named Jerry - who streamed an online concert and loved the tunes.  It's an incredible feeling to know music is capable of connecting with people across the world - it's an incredible realization that you can visit human hearts from the steering wheel of a song.  Thank you, Jerry. This one's for you.

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you very much for creating this wonderful music. 

I am so glad I first saw you at the beautiful online show with Mark, Jessica and Michael. 

I received your 2 EPs and am very much enjoying them.

And thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you.

I liked every song instantly, each one a gem, and I appreciate them deeper with each hearing.

Your voice is unbelievably beautiful, and so touching.

You really reach people.

Cripple Me literally brings me to tears, and feels cleansing and healing.

I smile and mentally dance through Vacherie Girl.

Not Sure Yet is uplifting and reminds me to appreciate the gifts of each day. 

And through it all is intelligence and depth that make it timeless.  

I am very thankful for your music, and look forward to everything you do in the future.

A new fan,


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