Rebecca Roubion

Singer-Songwriter and Recording Artist

"Forests" Liner Notes + Track List

The following post is from early May, three days before "Forests" officially released:


1. Poison In My Veins
2. Martyr Heart
3. Cripple Me
4. Not Sure Yet


Here we are at the outskirts of the “Forests” – only a few days away from the official release May 7 and the exclusive release on Brite Revolution May 6. We’re so close, just peering into the pit of the wood, in wonder of what could unfold in this ethereal timberland.  

In all of it’s mysterious majesty, I can’t help but look back in the clearing and recall the greatness that inspired these roots…

Artwork by Sarah Helen Parker

Artwork by Sarah Helen Parker

Taking my songs, and molding and nurturing them into fruition - building an incredible team of people, led by my producer Taylor Bray who would challenge and nourish my craft (behind every good artist is a great producer) - mapping out sounds and instruments that would become the homes these songs could best live in - developing a serious love-hate relationship with a metronome – rehearsing the art of performing, performing the art of rehearsing - brainstorming dark and light album names with friends (Dusk+Dawn, Sun+Moon, Twilight+Daybreak) - laughing in excitement about Kickstarter ideas, and crying amid it’s success – studio dinners and hangs – post-tracking drinks with players and dear friends – crying in the vocal booth because these songs bear my heart and soul – sleeping between vocal takes – pouring all that I have into this dream.

We’ve danced in the “Fields,” and now I’m inviting you to enter with me into the “Forests”.

In this place - in the pit of the pine, there’s a chill of quiet desperation, and yet the sun is peeking through the trees, dappling the shadows that cover their silhouettes. It smells crisp, fresh. The breeze tickles and taunts. There’s something magical about this place. 

Initially, I came here after a season of unmatched joy and pure freedom and into one of heartbreak and loneliness – but I’ve learned to master the solitude that confines me, and in it, I’ve found community and inspiration in you. Thank you for walking into the Forest with me and for being my comrades on the path yet to come – wherever it leads next.

To “Forests”.



To my loving parents and family for their great support of my dream. Special thanks to my dear father especially, for his continued guidance and provision. To my incredible producer Taylor Bray, for his genius and collaboration on these songs and all of my career endeavors thus far. To my wonderful Kickstarter backers: This would not be possible without your help - I hope you enjoy the sister to "Fields"! To my fantastic publicist Brannon Desseyn of Starboard Music for believing in me. To Paul Moak at Smoakstack Studios, to Juanita at The Sound Emporium, to Jeff Braun, Dewey Boyd, Henry Reed, Jimmy Sudekum, my designer Sarah Helen Parker of Villa House Pictures, my album photographer Andrea Behrends and studio photographer Ashtin Paige. To all the musicians, to my film producer Henry Reed, the album teaser and Kickstarter video crew, and everyone else that has or will enjoy my music. Thank you.



All songs written and performed by Rebecca Roubion

Piano, Vocals, BGV's - Rebecca Roubion
Additional BGV's ("Not Sure Yet") - Taylor Bray
Drums and Percussion - Jeff Braun
Additional Drums and Percussion for "Not Sure Yet" - Jeremy McCormick
Bass/ Acoustic Guitar/ Electric Guitar/ Vibraphone - Taylor Bray
String Arrangement/ Violin - Eleonore Denig
Cello - Cara Fox
Auxiliary Keys and Tubular Bells - Dewey Boyd
Photography - Andrea Behrends
Artwork/ Design - Sarah Helen Parker

 Produced and Engineered by Taylor Bray
Digital Editing by Jeff Braun
Mixed by Taylor Bray
Maple Studios

 Recorded at Maple Studios, Smoakstack Studios and The Sound Emporium in Nashville, TN.