Rebecca Roubion

Singer-Songwriter and Recording Artist

The Making of "Christmas Lights"

Happy Holidays from Nashville!  Making a Christmas record in the summer is a little confusing psychologically for me.. I'm sweating. There are mosquitoes. I'm listening to Nat King Cole winter jams whilst sunbathing (SPF 85). 

But I'm super excited to finally record some of my favorite nostalgics like "Joy To The World" and to make them my own.  To take the classic songs we all know and love and to re-introduce them in a fresh, new way - to capture the actual meaning - to live in the space they were written. (We're also tracking some original holiday tunes I've written through the years!)

The record includes a co-write by myself and my long-time colleague Jake Etheridge as well as an ad-lib performance by Gospel singer Tammy Bullock!  We had an absolute blast, and we can't wait for you to hear it.

By "we," I mean producer Dan Fernandez of Nashville, TN, myself and some really great session guys in town. Dan is such a creative and talented guy.  He's worked with artists like Natalie Grant, Annie Lawrence, Great Peacock and others.

Sound Engineer David Brubaker, Producer Dan Fernandez, Cellist Scott Mulvahill.

But the coolest thing about being in the studio is the unexpected serendipitous things that happen.  While tracking "Silent Night," a thunderstorm rumbled it's way into the recording. Those are the magic moments, people - We kept the thunder rolls in the track!

Excited share these sweet songs with you this Christmas!  Get the album here!

Oh! And see all other #ChristmasLights news and happies hereStay tuned, and until Nov 18, spread the good cheer!  xoxo, RR